Thursday, March 25

Lush Review- Body Butters

Lush's body butters are known for their moisturizing and exfoliating elements, which I agree with. The two I have tried are You Snap The Whip and Buffy.

Using body butters can be quite annoying and does irritate many people, but when used correctly they can be the nicest product you have ever used. Different butters have different functions, but all are moisturizing, meaning they are a god send in the winter months. I would not recommend using a body butter in the bath, as it made all of my skin slimy and my hair instantly greasy, my mistake. Just rub the bar onto all the parts you think need work and your done, but be careful not to scratch your leg as you only want to scrub and not leave cuts.

You Snap The Whip:

This body butter is described by Lush as: 'It's black, it's fruity and it scrubs your skin really, really hard. It's black, it's fruity and it scrubs your skin really, really hard.' I would totally agree with this description, as it smells very like ribena's blackcurrant scent, and is also great for a good old scrub. I would recommend using this bar once or twice a week, but no more, as it will leave your skin quite used and abused.

The bar doesn't last very long at all, so try not to get it under running water when it will dissolve even quicker. Even though it doesn't last very long, I love it!

£5.00 per bar

This body butter is definitely my new favourite, as it is made to 'slay that cellulite'. This bar has lasted a very long time and after using it over 10 times I still have over half of the original bar left! It really smells like it's ingredients of almonds and rice, which make the bar smell very sophisticated. I find this bar a lot more exfoliating than You Snap The Whip, but also more moisturizing for my dry skin. After using this my skin has made a very dramatic change into healthy skin!
£5.00 per bar

You can also get a free tin when you buy two of any body butters right now, worth £2.95!

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