Wednesday, March 24

Lush - Bathtime Cocktails

Since I started using Lush products I always wanted to use my bath, as I really wanted to experiment with all the Bath Ballistics, Bombs and Melts. I had never really liked having a bath, as I was only allowed a certain amount of water when I was younger, and found it very boring to sit in a bath the size of a tiny puddle. That was until my best friend brought me the Bunty Lush Giftbox two months ago. I then started experimenting, and have a few little groups of products which really go well together and make an awsome bath.

My Little Mermaid:
1/2 Big Blue Ballistic- perfect when missing the warm ocean.
Sunny Side Bubble Bar - creates a very glittery and feminine feel.
You could always add 1/2 of Floating Island bath melt if you feel the need for added moisture.

Honey I washed the.. no wait! I washed MYSELF:
Honey Bee Ballistic- or use the limited edition Honey Bun.
Ma Bar Bubble Bar- create a sensual feeling, to help you relax without all the calories!
Use some Honey I washed the kids soap for a true honey theme.

Happy Skin:

Butterball Ballistic- Cocoa butter to make your skin smile.
Amando Pondo Bubble Bar- A lovely bubble bar to enlighten.
Ceridwyn's Cauldron Melt- A moisture rich melt to really help your skin in the winter months.

Fruit Forest:
Blackberry Ballistic- leaves you smelling delicious.
The Comforter Bubble Bar- crumble this little baby in your bath for creamy bubbles.
I wouldn't really use a bath melt with this, as I wouldn't want to ruin any of the aroma.

Wake Up, Shake Up:

1/2 Happy Pill - citrus smells will awake your senses.
Sunny Side Bubble Bar - added glitter will create the glamour feel.
You've Been Mangoed - this mango bar will make the bath silky and moisturizing, leaving your skin beautiful and ready to face the day ahead.

All these cocktails I have created myself, and really do enjoy. Using a different combination each bath can really have a positive effect on your mood, whether you feel happy or sad.

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