Friday, March 26

5 Random Facts.

So I have seen a lot, and I mean a lot, of people making these quirky little blogs about 5 random facts of their lives. I have many facts about my life, but some of them are not very interesting, so I will have to choose some interesting ones.

1: I don't know whether anybody else in the world does this, but I have to run up the stairs in my house as fast as I can. This was all caused by my dad who used to convince me there was such a thing called a 'bogey monster'. Yes I know that has nothing to do with a staircase, but he always used to say the monster would be sat outside my window waiting for me to go to bed and close my eyes, so it could jump through the window and cover me in.. snot.

This also left me afraid to close my curtains for 2 YEARS, so every night my dad had to come up the stairs behind me, to make sure I was safe, and close my curtains. So basically, my dad paid for his mistake, which he deserved. :)

2: I have a hobby no-one knows about, which is beading. I just adore making cute little bracelets and dangly earrings for my mum and friends (as I don't have my ears pierced). Recently I started buying certain magazines especially for jewellery making, and entered a little competition, where I won a free bracelet kit and a started pack, even though I had already started beading. Making things with tiny beads just entertains me and uses up all my boring free time, as well as de-stress me and help me concentrate.

I would RUN over to the old fashioned radio in my room and slot in my Spice Girls C.D. We would then jog around picking things upo and throwing them into the different places and race to finish cleaning before our favourite song finished, which we usually didn't succeed, and would end up finishing just as the whole C.D has finished. I will always remember that, as we really thought it was magic that music would make us clean quicker. :)

5: I will always laugh when I get reminded of another time me and my best friend spent together. We were in Dorset (South of England) for a holiday away in my family's caravan, in the nicest holiday park there was, well.. pretty much, and I was having a great time. That night my family, as well as my friend all went out to one of the park's 'night outs', where they were having a doughnut eating contest, where you weren't allowed to lick your lips. Me and my friend built up the confidence to run up onto the stage and say we were willing to eat doughnuts infront of around 200 people.

Just as the camp entertainer gave me my doughnut, my friend rushed off the stage, tripping down the steps and started crying.. she ran over to my mum and dad, and hid behind them, leaving me on the stage. I was so scared I could of been sick, but I knew I would look absolutely ridiculous if I was to run off the stage. After about 5 minutes of the entertainer shouting down his microphone 'COME ON KIDS, YOU CAN DO IT!', I did start to wheep a little, and a tear fell down the side of my face. The entertainer came up to me, staring straight at my face, leaving me terrified and just laughed at me. I ran off the stage towards my parents, and my mum grabbed me and hugged me until I stopped crying. Let's just say, I haven't ate doughnuts since. :(
3: I have a 'pet peeve' for sinks. Well not sinks, but toothpaste marks left in the sink. As I live with 3 adults, they usually clean it after they brush their teeth, but whenever my friends stay over they always leave toothpaste marks everywhere, which can get seriously annoying and kinda grose. I don't really want to spend my time clearing dried toothpaste that contains little bits of plaque and my friend's spit, eeeeeww. :(

4: When I was around 6 or 7 I had a best friend, who I won't name, but she lived 4 doors down from mine and we were literally inseperable, we really were. Everytime she came over to mine we would totally wreck my bedroom and have toys flung from one side to the other. Mum would come upstairs to tell me it was time for her to go home, and would actually have a heart attack looking at my room. She would say 'if you don't clean up this mess you won't have your friend around here ever again', which lead me to cry my eyes out for around 10 minutes. Then my friend would come over to me and giggle saying 'don't worry, we can clean it, we are magic!' and I would know exactly what she meant.

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